19. Nagwichootshik

Official Name: 
Peel River
This place name refers to a village site on the Peel River close to it’s confluence with the Mackenzie River, and 30 miles down river from Fort McPherson. It is often marked on topographic maps as “Indian Village.”
Literal translation: 
Nagwichoo = big country; tshik = mouth of

This place name refers to an old village site that came into existence in the early 20th C. when muskrat trapping became a lucrative activity. At one point, more than forty families lived in the village for part of the year and fished, trapped and hunted for moose in the area. Although there are still many log cabins, warehouses, and smoke houses still standing, Neil Colin whose father and grandfather lived there before him, is the only person who still lives here for part of the year. This old village was used as the site of Eva Arey and Hugh Colin’s wedding in 1999 (see “The Bell With a Name” in the GSCI Publication Catalogue). Other families who used to stay here included: Peter and Laura Thompson; Effie Emma Thompson; Christopher and Enna Colin; Jim Firth and family; George and Sarah Vittrekwa; Andrew and Talitha Koe; Paul and Elizabeth Koe; Emily Linklater; Jimmy, Annie and Christy Thompson; William Goosh; Simon and Louisa Dinzik (sp?); Donald and Sophie Greenland; Alfred and Annie Bonnetplume; Paul, Jane and Sarah Bonnetplume; and Steven Bonnetplume.