Njoh Njii’ee

6. Njoh Njii’ee

Photo credit: Ingrid Kritsch, GSCI.
Official Name: 
This place name refers to a hill in the Campbell Hills near the outlet of Gull Creek on the East Channel.
Literal translation: 
Njoh = lobstick; Njii'ee = it stands

This name refers to a lobstick tree which once stood on a hill near the outlet of Gull Creek. These unique markers have long been used by the Gwich’in to mark important fishing locations, trails and other culturally important sites. According to Gwichya Gwich’in elder Hyacinthe Andre, the Gwich’in traditionally selected tall trees standing off by themselves for this purpose. The branches would be cut off, leaving only two branches in the middle on each side, giving the tree the appearance of having wings. This is a good spot for blueberries and cranberries and many people in the Delta come here to pick them. Old George Adams had a cabin across from here.