Eltyin Jeł K’it

11.  Eltyin Jeł K’it

Eltyin Jeł K’it
Official Name: 
This place name refers to a creek that flows into the East Channel of the Mackenzie River
Literal translation: 
Eltyin = jackfish; Jeł = jiggling; K’it = place

This creek only has jackfish in it, hence its name. Joe Bernard had a cabin near the mouth of this creek on the eastern side. His cabin was originally owned by Fred Norris, who moved the cabin by barge from the Middle Channel to here upon the request of Joe Bernard about 30 years ago. The cabin was still standing and being used in 1994. It belongs now to Joe Bernard’s son, Albert Jerome. Other people who lived in this area included Peter Enoch, Edward Nazon and Earl Marander, a white trapper.