Nèhtrùh Chì’

27. Nèhtrùh Chì’

Gabe Andre and George Niditchie exploring the site. Photo credit: Ingrid Kritsch, GSCI.
Official Name: 
This place name refers to an area up the Arctic Red River in the Martin House area.
Literal translation: 
Nèhtrùh = wolverine, Chì’ = its' rock

There are a number of places on the land that the elders talk about as being inhabited a long time ago by large and often dangerous creatures. Nehtruh tshì’ is such a place and was considered very dangerous as it was the home of a giant wolverine. According to Gwichya Gwich’in elders this wolverine was a wicked creature and greatly feared because it killed anyone that it encountered. The giant wolverine lived in a lake nearby but over time it became so disturbed by people and their noise, that it decided to move to a quieter place. When it moved from the lake, it burrowed underneath the ground, breaking it up as it travelled towards the Arctic Red River, creating the land as it appears today – as though it has been ripped apart. Although the giant wolverine is no longer present, the elders are still cautious and respectful when travelling through this area today because as Pierre Benoit said, “[It’s] Spooky!…it’s just like something’s going to come out.”