Deetrìn’ Ehchįį K’ìt

26. Deetrìn’ Ehchįį K’ìt

Photo credit: Ingrid Kritsch, GSCI.
Official Name: 
This place name refers to a legendary site in Tsiigehtchic below the Roman Catholic Church on the banks of the Arctic Red River.
Literal translation: 
Deetrìn’ = crow/raven, Ehchįį = bed, K’ìt = Place

This name refers to three hollows located below the hill on which the Roman Catholic Church stands in Tsiigehtchic, near the confluence of the Arctic Red River and Mackenzie River. These hollows were part of Crow’s Camp long ago and refer to three of his beds created at a time when animals and humans could change form and communicate with each other. The "crow bed" below the church hill is referred to in the Crow Story, a story that brings much laughter when told as it highlights the sneaky nature of crow and how his beak became crooked.