Yeenoo Daì’ Gwatsat Teetł’it Zheh Googwandak

Yeenoo Daì’ Gwatsat Teetł’it Zheh Googwandak Booklet Cover
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Yeenoo Daì’ Gwatsat Teetł’it Zheh Googwandak: The History and Archaeology of Fort McPherson
Fafard, Mélanie and Ingrid Kritsch
Published by Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute, 2005, 37 pages
ISBN 1-896337-10-4
Winner of the Canadian Archaeological Association 2005 Public Communications Award. This beautifully illustrated and designed book smoothly links archaeology with the voices of Teetl’it Gwich’in elders and those of other actors, including fur traders. Written in a simple and understated way, the booklet makes information about the events and individuals who shaped the community of Fort McPherson accessible to a broad public.

Book review of this volume:

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