The Traditional Use of the Travaillant Lake Area

Gwichya Gwich'in Place Names 1992 Cover image

The Traditional Use of the Travaillant Lake Area Using Trails and Place Names of the Gwichya Gwich'in from Arctic Red River, N.W.T
Andre, Alestine and Ingrid Kritsch
Published by Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute, 1992, 67pp

Report prepared under contract for NOGAP Archaeology Project, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec. Report on file, Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute & Canadian Museum of Civilization. Report is based on oral history interviews carried out with Gwichya Gwich'in elders living in Arctic Red River and Inuvik, regarding trails, place names, stories, campsites and resource utilization in the Mackenzie River to Travaillant Lake area. Additional ethnographic and traditional knowledge information was gathered to supplement the archaeological excavations in the area.