Iitsiilaii Oozri Hah: The Bell With a Name

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no charge. Also available for download in English and French

Iitsiilaii Oozri Hah: The Bell With a Name
Stephenson, Wendy
Published by Eva and Hugh Colin, Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute & GNWT (Department of Municipal and Community Affairs)., 2001, 44pp
This children's storybook is adapted from the true story of Eva and Hugh Colin's wedding at the Mouth of the Peel Village. The story is told from the perspective of Eva and Hugh Colin's oldest son, Kirk, and shows the caring and helping that is so common to the north. The book was written in celebration of 2001 being the International Year of Volunteers. Copies of this book will be distributed at no charge and can be ordered through the GSCI or Department of Municipal and Community Affairs, GNWT, Suite 400, 5201 50th Avenue, Yellowknife, NT X1A 3S9.  The book was translated into French around 2007.