Ingrid Kritsch
Latin Name: 
Matricaria matricarioides

     As medicine

The chamomile plant is used as a relaxant tea. The tea is boiled for only a few minutes and then left to steep. Ruth Welsh said,

It's a very soothing tea...also used for new mothers that are having problems getting the milk to flow for the baby. You give them the chamomile tea to drink. And maybe the baby is colicky so if they're...breastfeeding, they will get the chamomile through the breast milk. And it helps them to calm down a little bit...if the baby is on the bottle, you could put...a tablespoon...into the milk and let them have it that way. And it helps to get rid of gas usually in their tummy that makes them colicky.

Source: Andre, Alestine, Nan t'aih nakwits'inahtsìh (The Land Gives Us Strength) (2006)