Water lily, Yellow pond lily

As medicine:

The roots of the water lily plant are dried and used to relieve a dry throat or the onset of a cold. Ruth Welsh said,

" only take small little tiny pieces."

The roots are also used to ease a sore back. Ruth describes how to make this,

…cut a piece off [the main root]…a foot or a foot and a half long…heat the root….split the root and put it on each of [the] back and tie [it in place].

Source: Andre, Alestine, Nan t'aih nakwits'inahtsìh (The Land Gives Us Strength) (2006)



As food 

The berries are edible and make good jam. They are ready to pick in August and September and are tasty when eaten as is or eaten with other berries. Blackberries can be mixed with cranberries and added to it’suh, a Gwich’in dessert made from pounded dryfish.

Blackberries and Fish



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