Fire starter


As food

Spruce gum, dzèh kwan' (G) dzih drinh' (T), is the hard, older kind of tree sap or pitch, with a red or rose colour. It can be picked year round from the trees with a knife, stick or fingers. It can then be chewed like a piece of gum. Both the gum and the juice it produces can be swallowed as you chew. Spruce gum was commonly given to children as a treat when out in the bush cutting wood or picking berries.

As medicine


Birch and Willow fungus

Birch fungus is a general term for a type of bracket fungus that grows on birch trees, willow and red willow (alder) shrubs.
As medicine 
Birch fungus was cut up, boiled and used for stomach ailments. Ashes were rubbed gently on skin sores and pimples. 
As tobacco
The fungus was also cut up and crushed into small pieces, and then mixed with cigarettes or chewing tobacco to make it last longer. 
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