Animal Booklets

The Gwich'in Language Centre produces Gwich'in related language materials for the Gwich'in language teachers to use in their classrooms in the Beaufort-Delta. As part of this effort, the Gwich’in Language Centre produced seventeen short animal units in both the Teetł’it Gwich'in and Gwichya Gwich’in dialects.

Using drawings created especially for this project by Gwich'in beneficiary artist Arthur Mitchell, the booklets highlight the Gwich'in text in large bold letters with the English translation in small letters. The books created are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for all grade levels.

Accompanying each animal unit is a teacher's activity package aimed at all grades. Some of the activities created include colouring sheets, find-a-word, crossword puzzles, bingo and picture/word matching puzzles. The activities were designed to meet as many grade levels as possible and to reinforce the Gwich'in language used in each booklet.  Two examples are included below.  Shoh (Bears) is read by Bertha Francis.  Chihthee (Mink) is read by Terry Remi Sawyer.

Interactive Audio Slideshows: